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Pioneers and


Rhino Linings pioneered spray-on bed liners in 1983. We have been developing and manufacturing the toughest and highest quality polyurethane elastomer systems in the world for almost 40 years. We launched a worldwide industry that has seen that have seen thousands of applicators benefit from our development of a spray-on polyurethane elastomer system.


Developed, engineered and manufactured to withstand the harshest conditions in Africa our elastomer products are used internationally from sub zero climates to arid desert heat and everywhere in between. We have appointed master distributors and sold dealerships in North America, Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Australasia. We introduced the world to a new and unique concept with spray on polyurethane protection.

Tested, Tried and


With a proven track record that has stood the test of time you can be assured that you get nothing but the best. Our coatings are designed to make your assets survive conditions that is tougher than what they were made for. Our products are functional and reliable … where it matters most. It maximizes the return on your investment.


Our products have found its home in millions of trucks and other surface protection applications. Customers ask for Rhino Linings by name and they keep returning to our brand. Rhino Linings is one of the most popular business opportunities in the automotive accessory aftermarket.

environmentally friendly

Rhino Linings formulations are environmentally friendly and contain zero solvents, VOC’s and CFC’s.

Quick Application

Rhino Linings Spray-Applied coatings set within seconds minimizing downtime.

Added Protection

Rhino Linings products protect your assets against corrosion, abrasion, impact, chemical attack and then some.

Application Options

Rhino Linings bonds to virtually any substrate including steel, aluminum, fibre glass, wood, geotextiles and more.

More than

Bed Liners

Right from our humble beginnings as the pioneer of Spray-on Bed Liners, Rhino Linings customers have seen the possibilities and created a demand for our product in Industrial, Construction, Oil & Gas, Agricultural, Marine, Military and Mining Applications. Through Continuous R&D we improve and develop formulations to expand our application possibilities. We have become a protective coatings solutions provider for a wide range of industries and as innovators we continue to grow our application possibilities.

Leading the


With 40 years of success we have seen many competitors come and go. We, however, pride ourselves in staying ahead of the market with new product offerings, new equipment options and industry best systems and processes. Our innovation empowers our applicators to find more opportunities that lead to profit. If you are motivated and want to grow your business join our growing network and become part of a winning team.

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