Find out why DIY rubberising paint falls short. Rhino Linings offer a durable, professionally applied solution with a nationwide warranty.

The Truth About DIY Rubberising Paint for Bakkies

Do Not Use DIY Rubberising Paint for Bakkies

The Downside of DIY rubberising Paint for Bakkies

Limited Material Application

Rubberising paint for bakkies often comes with insufficient material to provide a thick, durable coating. Unlike professional polyurethane applications, DIY kits may not apply liner evenly. This can lead to thin spots, which can make the liner less effective and shorten its lifespan. In the worst cases, there may not even be enough to coat a vehicle.

Solvent-Based Formulations

Most DIY rubberising paint uses solvent-based formulations. When you apply the product, a significant amount of it evaporates. This means that less material ends up creating a protective layer on your truck.

In contrast, Rhino Linings use high-quality, 100% solid, spray-on polyurethane that is free from solvents. This means that all product sprayed onto the surface remain on the surface, providing a robust and durable coating.

Poor Installation of DIY Causes Uneven Surfaces or Thin Spots

DIY installations often suffer from uneven surfaces or thin spots because of poor application techniques. These inconsistencies can compromise the protective qualities of the lining, leaving your bakkie’s bed vulnerable to damage.

Incorrect Preparation Can Cause Lining to Blister or Lift

If you do not waterproof the surface correctly, the rubberising paint can blister or lift. This allows moisture to penetrate the substrate, causing rust and undermining the integrity of the protective layer.

The Advantages of Professionally Applied Rhino Linings

Uniform and Thick Coating

When you choose Rhino Linings, you benefit from a professional application that ensures a uniform and adequately thick coating. This consistency is crucial for protecting your bakkie’s bed from dents, scratches, and corrosion.

Longevity and Durability

Rhino Linings applications are known for their long-lasting durability. Professionally applied spray-on polyurethane liners are more durable than DIY rubberising paint. They can withstand tough conditions and heavy use, keeping their protective qualities for many years without peeling or cracking.

The Hidden Costs of DIY Bed Liners

Additional Equipment and Materials

DIY bed liner kits often omit the need for extra equipment and materials. To begin, you need to purchase an applicator gun. You also need to buy personal protective gear like face masks. Additionally, you will need supplies for preparing and covering surfaces.

The additional expenses can accumulate quickly. This can make rubberising your bakkie more expensive than anticipated. It may even end up costing more than having Rhino Lining professionally applied.

National Warranty Coverage

Peace of Mind with Rhino Linings

Choosing a professionally applied Rhino Lining application comes with the assurance of a 3 year national warranty. Rhino Linings’ nationwide network of applicators backs this warranty. You can quickly and effectively resolve any issues you encounter, regardless of your location.

Superior Protection for Your Bakkie

In summary, professionally rubberising your bakkie at a Rhino Linings dealer provides superior protection compared to DIY rubberising paint for bakkies. The uniform application, durability, and comprehensive warranty make Rhino Linings the better choice for safeguarding your vehicle’s bed.

Rubberising paint is a protective coating applied to the bed of a bakkie (pickup truck) to prevent damage from dents, scratches, and rust.

Common problems include uneven surfaces, thin spots, and issues like blistering or lifting if the surface isn’t prepared correctly.

Professional applications, such as Rhino Linings, use high-quality, 100% solid spray-on polyurethane, ensuring a uniform, durable coating that DIY kits can’t match.

Yes, DIY kits often require additional equipment like applicator guns and protective gear, which can increase the overall cost unexpectedly.

Yes, investing in professional application ensures better protection, durability, and peace of mind, often making it more cost-effective in the long run.

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